We are Lunar 



Harness this immaculate power & reconnect to the Lunar ebb and flow.

Imagine reconnecting to the lunar phases and being completely in-tune with the divine and infinite energy that influences the greatest forces on the planet.

In todays modern world we have lost touch with our ancient roots that bind us to the Lunar force. 

Lunar was born from the heart to reconnect and support your energy throughout the lunar phases. Just like the phases of our lives, the lunar cycle changes and is reborn from the stardust.  Each ingredient and every element have been curated with love and a higher intention, from our organic herbal teas to our nourishing massage candles.

Lunar is about bringing magic back into our everyday lives through daily rituals.  Feel grounded, connected and radiating with high vibes. 


Meet our Multifunctional Magic

A catalogue of select signature tools—each distinctive, meticulously created, and inspired by the lunar phases—best enjoyed  over a cup of Lunar tea. From morning rituals to regular spiritual upkeep throughout the lunar cycle, Lunar ensures impeccable spiritual 'hygiene', sole to soul.



Want to shake out negative vibes from your home and space but can't use traditional smudging without sending your smoke alarms into panic mode?

Spray on yourself, your crystals, in your domain and anywhere that needs vibrational cleansing. Spray as much as needed to raise your vibe. Anoint the house every morning and evening as part of any protection or cleansing ritual. Use our Atomisers as part of your daily rituals.

massage candles

The ultimate in self-care. A rich blend of hand poured organic soy, beeswax, avocado oil, shea and coco butter with essential oils.

Once lit, it will dispense a warm and lush oil into the palms for a nourishing & moisturising body oil for self massage. Deeply nourishes skin and radiating with the signature aromas. It will leave your senses calmed and your skin deliciously soft and glowing.



Our naturopathic fusions combats anxiety and promotes relaxation. Our beautifully curated blends not only aid you mentally and emotionally, but also releases the physical stress and inflammation. Enhance your creativity and tune into your psychic ability with this beautifully curated herbal blends.

Create a beautiful spirit filled intention, whilst you set new moon goals and put plans into action.