The Modern Girls Guide to Mysticism - Emma Mildon

In 'The Modern Girls Guide to Mysticism' series we explore what spirituality means to everyday goddess's. 

Mysticism + Spirituality mean so many things to each person. For some it may mean that they dabble in mediation and essential oils and for others its a whole lotta crystal loving witchy woo woo lifestyle. Your spirituality is unique to you, whether you're still in the 'woo woo closet' or you've sashayed your way out and embraced all of your magic and goddess light. 

I have asked some of New Zealand's natural Goddess's a series of questions about how they see spirituality and we are so excited to share these with you.  

Our first in the series is all about Emma Mildon,  the girl-next-door millennial mystic charged with creating a movement of conscious action in the world.

Crowned by the Huffington Post as "a true millennial mystic leader", she is a spiritual activist and the international bestselling author of her book The Soul Searcher’s Handbook now available in six languages. 

Emma’s passion and enthusiasm is infectious. Through her work as a philanthropist, columnist, speaker and the hostess of powerful new moon gatherings each month, Emma educates, inspires and holds space for people who are committed to taking balanced, conscious action toward global healing.

Emma writes for mindbodygreenThe Huffington PostThrive Global, and Simon and Schuster NY with er second book The Evolution of Goddess set to activate her already awakened audiences. 

She writes and speaks on all topics spirituality, wellbeing, female empowerment, publishing, and goddess. She has headlined talks at Wanderlust Festival, mindbodygreen revistlize Festival, Wellness Retreat New Zealand, Les Mills Wellness Week, and at Conferences around New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. She was sat on panels for Simply You Magazine, lululemon athletica, Google, Huckleberry Health Stores, and mindbodygreen. Covering topics on balance, stress, goals, meditation, self-love, and healing. 

Emma loves to work with aligned brands that have a wellness, eco, and conscious business focus. 


The Modern girls guide to Mysticism. 

The Lunar Journal Interview


  • Spirituality – what does the word mean to you? 

Home. A place you can go and explore within yourself that is familiar, new, and magic all at once.  

  • What is your “Concept of beauty” 

Soul. People who are acquainted with themselves enough to fully encompass all of themselves. Souls that are larger than life. Full. Expanding. Open. Warm. Welcoming. Wise. Kind. This to me is beauty.  

  • Can you tell me about the role of ceremonies or rituals that you perform for spiritual well-being? 

The only thing I do religiously again, and again is writing. Other than that when I meditate, eat, sing, walk, dance, cry, light candles, bath, stretch, socialize is all up to when my energy needs it. I have many rituals, and no routine. This for me is key!  

  • During times of stress or crises how do you find “inner strength”? 

In solitude. I often retreat to my creative cave to regroup, recharge, and reboot my soul and energy to go into the arena of life. I go within. Safe guarding my energy. I also take responsibility that when I am stressed I can be a bit of a dick – so take myself away from others until I can get my chakras back into check. Being aware when you are ‘off’ or have the energy speed wobbles is essential conscious living. We all ebb and flow. It’s about understanding what you need, and being aware of those around you in the process.  

  • Can you tell me about any spiritual experiences you have encountered? 

Where do I begin! I’ve got my hands dirty exploring my spirituality. Really rolled up my sleeves. I’ve studied everything from tea leaf reading, to reiki, to numerology. I have explored yogini eggs (a least suspecting place you would think a crystal should go), shaman healing, to farting mid yoga class. Every experience in my growth has had a spiritual element, a lesson. From meeting an old lady on the bus who bonds with me over the book she is reading, to the teacher at the front of a meditation class. It is all experiences, all expansive if you look at it that way. Even the shit encounters… haha

  • How do you set yourself up for the day to make your day more positive? 

Me time. I am a better person when I have time to myself. This can be five minutes to reflect and gear myself up for the day. A walk. A minute of breath. I find I have better days when I take a second for me before I slide into my day.  

  • How do you Celebrate your spirituality? 

By owning it. Everyday. In every way.  

  • What is your tool kit for spiritual well-being? 

It totally depends on what I need, what my soul is craving. It could be a crystal down my brad. The next day it might be a hot cuppa. The next acupuncture. Another chocolate in Netflix. Yes, I define that as well-being! Because simply it helps me live well! It makes me happy. You know, that feeling you get when you first jump into bed and wriggle around in pure joy! The feeling you get when you find a great book, you do something that serves your purpose, you hang out with a friend who inspires you, or you listen to your favorite song. Tools to help me be my best self. You could say it is one big, muddled, magical tool kit! You just have to tip out my handbag to see my potions, lotions, crystals, and tarots on hand.  

  • How do the Lunar Phases affect your energy and would you say that you are moon sensitive? 

Warning, this could totally be TMI. Sorry, not sorry. Here is your chance to stop reading.. 

You are still reading, which means you vibe with the fact that the moon can totally make us lunatics! Actually. I ovulate with the new moon, and menstruate with the full moon. It can inspire me, and drain me – I literally ebb and flow with the cycles of the moon.  

  • What is your favourite Lunar product and why? 

Smokeshow. Be gone negativity! Haha  

  • How do you connect with your Feminine Goddess energy? 

Writing. When I am creating I feel I embody Goddess. I birth words, cut them, kill off anything that does serve my work, and go it again, and again. Shedding. Growing. Creating. I really do feel the books I write are my babies. Scribing connects me to something bigger than myself. Shakti. Elders. Ancestors. And some of my guides which I worry have a screw loose sometimes… haha

  • What crystals and why do you carry them with you on a daily basis? 

Again, it always varies depending on the day. One that you will rarely find me without is my blue kynatie and moonstone. Those two always seem to be a constant.  

  • When was the last time you felt completely at peace? 

Last night, drifting to sleep.  

  • Where does your happiness come from?  


  • How do you want to be remembered?  

For how my words helped guide people to embody their full self.  

  • What does love mean to you?  

Everything and nothing at once. Being adopted and having my mother pass over as a teen means I love strong and hard but unattached.  

  • What’s one exercise or activity you would recommend we do starting today to lead a more positive, happy and fulfilled life? 

Write. Anything! Write, everything!  

  • What empowers you? 

Women who are unapologetic for who they are.  

  • What is the greatest gift you have given yourself? 

My familiar, spirit animal – Luna. She is my world.  

  • What is your favourite quote or saying? 

“Be bold, bright, and beautiful without being a bitch about it.”  
― Emma Mildon, Evolution of Goddess: A Modern Girl's Guide to Activating Your Feminine Superpowers 

“We don’t need an invitation to be real. The truth is: we don’t need permission to own the power of what makes us unique, what makes us female. Your emotions, your tears or temper, your love and passion. Our emotions can be wild, untamed, and raging, as it can be loving, nurturing, and consoling. All are powerful feminine energies—that when harnessed and directed towards conscious action can be an unstoppable force. So this is your official authorization to awaken into your full-bodied, emotionally activated self. Passion and power included.” 
― Emma MildonEvolution of Goddess: A Modern Girl's Guide to Activating Your Feminine Superpowers

To find out more about Emma and her incredible light work, I have linked her books and social handles below. 

Next week we'll find out from Jess Crowhurst from J and the Light about what how spirituality has changed her life  - for the better!

In love and light, 

Kate x


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