We are Live!

Hello beauty!

It's official! We are live! For the last year we have been working on this passion project and we are so excited to finally launch and share this gift from the soul with you. 

In todays modern world we have lost touch with our ancient roots that bind us to the Lunar force. 

Lunar was born from the heart to reconnect and support your energy throughout the lunar phases. Just like the phases of our lives, the lunar cycle changes and is reborn from the stardust.  Each ingredient and every element have been curated with love and a higher intention, from our organic herbal teas to our nourishing massage candles.

Lunar is about bringing magic back into our everyday lives through daily rituals.  Feel grounded, connected, radiating with high vibes. 

In the coming weeks we will be doing a series of posts dubbed " The moderns girls guide to mysticism." Spirituality means so many things to people. For some it may mean that they dabble in mediation and essential oils and for others its a whole crystal loving witchy woo woo lifestyle.  Your spirituality is unique to you whether your still in the 'woo woo closet' or you've sashayed your way out and embraced all of your magic and goddess light. 

I have asked some of New Zealand's natural Goddess's a series of questions about their version of spirituality and we have got some really beautiful answers <3 We are so excited to share these with you.  

In Love and Light,

Kate x